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ID’s top 10 deadliest women (x)


Apparently the deadliest ever female is one who simply tortured one child to death… Not one who had an overall death wish and killed multiple people…




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Why Dave Cullen’s book “Columbine” is the worst book ever about Columbine


Many anons asked me why Dave Cullen’s book get so many negatives reviews. So for them I will post a list of some things that Dave Cullen wrote and that is not true.

1- Eric been a psychopath: Dave Cullen wrote that Eric was a psychopath because Fusilier, the former FBI agent said he was based on one of the Eric’s entry in his journal about the van break in incident. Well many psychologist said that we can’t say for 100% sure that Eric was a psychopath because we can’t diagnose something that is dead already and only reading his journal, without interact with the person. Besides Eric didn’t have many signs that psychopaths presents like the love for animals that Eric had, especially for his dog Sparky, Eric lied but he lied to get himself out of trouble, not because he loved the fact of lie, Eric was an excellent worker that even got promoted on April 16th, from cook to shift manager; he showed emotion, even cried during the basement tapes; he put the blame on himself more than one time. So those are enough proof that Eric was NOT a psychopath.

2- Dylan as a follower: For Dave Cullen, Dylan was follower that didn’t know anything what was going on and even wrote that Dylan only knew what happened on the day of the shooting. That is another BS. Dylan knew exactly what he was planning. He was not this innocent guy that Dave Cullen try to show to the readers. He knew what he was doing, he even was the one that had more fun during the shootings. Eric didn’t force Dylan to do anything. For Dave Cullen, Eric was the evil one who lied through the years, like the juvenile diversion. For him, Eric lied through all Juvenile Diversion, unlike Dylan, who was honest. Well we have proof that actually the one who lied was Dylan, since he never admitted he had depression and was suicidal, unlike Eric who even wrote he was having homicidal thoughts. And according to Devon Adams, was Eric who followed Dylan in everything he liked, unlike Dave Cullen wrote. He even wrote that Dylan smoked Kamel cigarettes like Eric, but in fact he smoked Marlboro Menthol. Dylan was not this innocent guy, he was guilty just like Eric was.

3- Eric been a ladies man: Another thing that he wrote was that Eric was a ladies man, than every girl loved him. For Dave Cullen, Eric only need to smile and girls would fall at his feet and he even had more girlfriends than some jocks. I don’t know what Dave Cullen read during the research he said he did, but it was not for sure the 11k report, because Eric was not a ladies man, and he didn’t have any confidence in himself, like he try to sell on the book. Eric wrote on his journal that he hated the way he looks, and he hated the fact that he didn’t have any self-esteem, especially with girls. Another thing was that girls didn’t like Eric, they found him weird and rejected him a lot. If for Dave Cullen, one night date is already a girlfriend, than he need to check things cause that is just ridiculous. Besides, if Eric was such a ladies man, why he didn’t get a date for prom. He asked many girls and all of them reject and some of them even humiliate him? I leave that for Dave to answer if he can.

4 - Brenda Parker case: Dave Cullen wrote that Eric dated a 23 years old girl when he was 16 and he had sex with her twice. If he actually researched, he would know that was a lie. Brenda Parker said to the police that he met Eric and Dylan, and Eric installed DOOM and teach her how to play and work with the computer, that they had sex twice but she didn’t remember any scars because it was dark and even got a voicemail and a photo of Eric. She also said that the TEC-9 was for her and she was about to participate in the shootings. That Eric should have pick her up on the bus stop and head to school. The police went to her apartment and said that the voice mail was not from Eric, neither the photo. Later, she admitted she lied all of that, because she had no life and wanted to be famous. So the Brenda Parker thing, is a LIE. Never happened.

5 - They never were bullied and actually were very popular in school: In this book Dave Cullen never mentioned bullying and he even portray Eric ad Dylan like they were super popular in school, that had tones of friends, because they went dinner with them and went to Friday Night Bowling. Well we all know that they were bullied, many witnesses from the 11K saw it and mentioned the bullying they suffered. Even Dylan’s mother had proof of that bullying when Dylan arrived at home with ketchup marks on his shirt. Besides is easy to know they were completely outcast in school, by the report that many students gave by saying they were weird and never talked to them. So I don’t know where Dave Cullen got that idea, seriously.

6- Principal Frank DeAngelis saying he loved his students: Dave Cullen said that Frank DeAngelis was this amazing Principal, who went to the cafeteria at lunch break and sit with students and say he loved them. At the end of the book, Dave Cullen said he wrote that because he witness that after the shootings. So for Dave Cullen, only because Frank DeAngelis did that after the shootings, it means he did that before the shootings. And if Frank DeAngelis in fact did that before the shootings, was only for the jocks and the privilege students. Because there are many witness from students and their parents, that Frank DeAngelis knew about the bullying and he simple denied and never did anything to stop it.

7- Dr. Kevin Albert was psychiatrist: Dr. Kevin Albert was Eric’s psychologist, not psychiatrist. The reason why Dave Cullen wrote that, was because Dr. Kevin mentioned the medication that Eric took. Well if Dave Cullen was smart, he should know that psychologists can’t prescribe medication. It has to be the family doctor or a psychiatrist. And that was exactly what happened in the case of Eric. It was his doctor who prescribe the medication, and of course he had to inform his psychologist, in this case Dr. Kevin Albert. But Dave Cullen saw that and saw the “Dr” letters, he immediately wrote he was a psychiatrist and was he who prescribe the medication.

8- Luvox out of market: Dave Cullen said that after the incident, Luvox was out of the market. Well that was true but only for a while. After a few years, Luvox came back to the market and it still is. Dave Cullen never mentioned that in the book.

These are some of the errors that he wrote in the book and make it the worst book about Columbine, and only the people who actually research about it can notice this lies. Many people don’t know this, so they believe in what he wrote. My advice to those people, read books like No Easy Answers by Brooks Brown and Columbine - A True Crime Story by Jeff Kass and do your own research and you will see why we say this book and Dave Cullen sucks.


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Just for fun, let’s add some context. This is from theslow Surviving the Cut and was maybe 24 hours into ranger school. They have been doing PT for hours with no end in sight. He is also in the best shape of his life. No one accidently finds himself in ranger school. You have to be selected by your unit and go ready for the course. In great shape with a little extra mass so you can afford to lose some. And you will lose some. A couple months of no sleep and burning calories like a marathon runner will tax the body.

This poor guy is done. He was ready for this and his body just couldn’t take it. He is going to be home within a week of leaving for a two month course. No one will blame him but he will still feel bad. When they are this, he will be called hash browns for the rest of his life. What you are watching is the exact moment when his dream dies, he just doesn’t know it yet.

This is why some of us get pissed of when some kid buys cammies and a ranger tab online, plays make believe in the woods and calls himself an operator.








The Absolute Worst Person From Each State. This is cool.

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This must be old. It should have Adam Lanza in Connecticut. Also, Aaron McKinney acted along with Russel Henderson in murdering Matt Shepard for being gay.

And virginia…. seung hui cho? Dude has the largest killing spree in modern US history

I always say this! This is outdated. And wrong.. then again, in actuality, Adam was the kindest and smartest person in Connecticut.